Blood, Faith, and Tears- Folake Owodunni

Blood, Faith, and Tears- Folake Owodunni

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Download and listen to "Blood,Faith and Tears" audiobook by Folake Owoduni. This is the story of one woman’s encounter with the Christ and a testimony to the power of hearing the good news of God.

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What would you do with 12 years of pain? Can you still hope when you have lost everything–your youth, family, health, friends, and even faith? Young, spirited, and hopeful, 30-year old Acsah went into the labor room to deliver her baby girl, after waiting 12 years for the love of her life and six more for a child. Instead, she came out with 12 years of bleeding, loss, isolation, and rejection. When confronted by story after story of a miracle-maker, Acsah risks her life to find healing, hope, and another chance at motherhood. Her story is one of motherhood. Her story is one of hoping against all odds and daring to change.

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