Motives! Who Killed Charles?

Motives! Who Killed Charles?

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A Nigerian traveled to India to study, in the process, he found himself in an unfortunate situation that led to his demise…

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MOTIVES! Who killed Charles is a Bollywood (India) / Nollywood (Nigeria) movie; it is Bollywood because it’s not just shot in India but 98% of both the cast and the
Technical crews are Indians, and it is Nollywood, because the director is a Nigerian, and he also played a significant role as one of the characters of the movie.

The movie (MOTIVES! Who killed Charles) is about the ways Nigerians are treated in India, and it also a bridge between Nollywood and Bollywood as one of the main actor Gaurav Nanda is one of Bollywood Finest, and hopes to work on a production in Nigeria, in the nearest future.

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